Semana Santa in Andalucía

semana santaColourful, musical, theatrical, passionate and, to outsiders, sinister – Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated throughout Spain, but most spectacularly in Andalucía and its capital city, Sevilla. This video was shot in 2009, but the centuries-old rituals are unchanging. 46 minutes.

Not Las Palmas

not las palmasExploring the steepest island in the world, La Palma, April 2018. 26 minutes.

Colombia part 1

Colombia pt1We leave the colourful streets of Bogotá, taking the train to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, then travel by bus to the charming Spanish colonial villages of Villa de Leyva and Barichara. Onwards to Barrancabermeja where we board a launch to take us down the Río Magdalena to Mompós, the city that time forgot. February 2018. 44 minutes.

Colombia part 2

Colombia Part 1From vibrant Cartagena on the Caribbean coast we return to the southern mountain ranges, where we tour Medellín – once the murder capital of the world, now a groovy tourist destination – before chilling out on a coffee plantation near Manizales in the Zona Cafetera. Finally, we return for another taste of the funky barrios of Bogotá. February 2018. 32 minutes.

West Bengal part 1

west bengal 1A tour of West Bengal begins in November 2016 as sudden demonetisation thrusts all of India into economic chaos. We roam the colourful streets of Kolkata, journey by train to see the unusual terra cotta temples of Bishnupur, and visit Darjeeling, with its lingering colonial memories and famous toy train, in the Himalayas. 49 minutes.

West Bengal part 2

west bengal 2After a stay at a remote former Himalayan tea plantation, we return to Darjeeling, and take the toy train down to Siliguri. We then visit the neglected temples around Malda, before retunring to Kolkata for a journey through the Sunderbans delta. 50 minutes.

Namibia part 1

namibia part 1A journey by light plane and car in November 2015. 44 minutes.

Namibia part 2

namibia part 2A journey by car from southern to northern Damaraland and the Erongo mountains in November 2015. 46 minutes.

Burma 2012 Part 1

Burma-pt1Burma (Myanmar) is surfing down a wave of rapid change set off just 18 months ago by the release of Aung San Suu Khi and the legalisation of her party. Now tourists are straining the infrastructure. 57 minutes.

Burma 2012 Part 2

Burma-pt2 A return journey up the Ayerawady River from Bagan to Mandalay and onward by rail up into the mountains of Shan State. 41 minutes.

Beatrice is 100

beatrice is 100The birthday card from the Queen has arrived. Time for a celebration. 7 minutes.

Burma 2012 Part 3

Burma-pt3 A journey through the eastern states of Mon and Kayan, where the National League for Democracy  party seems to have an office in every village. 37 minutes.


LisbonThe plaintive pluck of the guitar and the wailng lament of the Fado accompany us through Lisbon. 28 minutes.

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