PerspectivesA GP reflects on medical practice and, well, just about everything . . .

Judith Harvey. 224 pages

A compilation of 74 published articles originally written for doctors but providing fascinating insights for medical students and patients – and we are all sometimes patients.

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The Big Lie

The Big Lie The Truth about Advertising

Chuck Anderson. 320 pages

British advertising is cynical, clever and witty - the best in the world. American advertising is saccharine, crass and clunky - an insult to the intelligence. Is that so? Does either work? How? An American adman who has worked in Europe for thirty years deconstructs the conventional wisdom of Adland to disclose at its heart a black hole of ignorance and deceit.

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Primrose Hill Revisited

Primrose Hill RevisitedShe left her heart in the '60s

Chuck Anderson. 212 pages

When are you too old to ever fall in love again?

Claudia was born too soon. A career woman in London, she is an incurable romantic who is swept up in the cultural revolution of the 1960s. But she’s almost forty.

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Where the Bodies Are Buried

Bodies The West Country Existential Thriller

Chuck Anderson. 400 pages

When a man has nowhere left to go, he goes home. Ted Golden returns to the West Country harbour he left almost thirty years ago to restore an old yacht and set sail to – wherever. He owes his new lease on life to his wife's accidental death – and some people say he murdered her.

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