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In an industry which maintains strict demarcation lines between its disciplines, Chuck Anderson has an advertising background which is probably unique. He has worked both sides of the fence: in advertising research and as a Creative Director: he has tested hundreds of campaigns for major companies and created thousands of advertisements.

He also builds his perspective from both sides of the Atlantic. An American, he worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies in New York before undertaking advertising research for Unilever in Germany. Later, he joined J. Walter Thompson in London, managing new product development. He developed this group into JWT’s first subsidiary advertising agency, which had the distinction of inflicting “Pot Noodle” upon the British public. Later, he led a management buy-out of the company, becoming Chairman and Creative Director.

In Britain he has won an IPA Advertising Effectiveness Award for consumer goods in the only ad industry competition which is based on empirical evidence. He currently runs an independent advertising creative consultancy.

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