Where the Bodies Are Buried

The West Country Existential Thriller

Chuck Anderson. 400 pages

When a man has nowhere left to go, he goes home. Ted Golden returns to the West Country harbour he left almost thirty years ago to restore an old yacht and set sail to – wherever. He owes his new lease on life to his wife's accidental death – and some people say he murdered her.

BodiesHe attempts to rekindle the love of Angie, the girl he left behind. She has sought redemption through good works and marriage to Bartholomew, a neglected painter of the op art generation. Bartholomew is missing at sea, together with Matty, his impetuous young Australian mistress.

A chain of apparently random disappearances leads to a mortal conflict at sea which reveals the solution to the fate of ten people over the past 40 years, including Ted's own parents. When the bodies begin to surface Ted becomes the prime suspect. Leaving the West Country in quest of the lone survivor and a meaning for his life, Ted finds a different resolution of the mystery.


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