Primrose Hill Revisited

She left her heart in the '60s

Chuck Anderson. 212 pages

When are you too old to ever fall in love again?

Claudia was born too soon. A career woman in London, she is an incurable romantic who is swept up in the cultural revolution of the 1960s. But she’s almost forty.

Primrose Hill RevisitedThough the youthful spirit of liberation appeals to her intellectually, emotionally it challenges her conventional values. Claudia's resistance to change threatens her job as editor of a woman’s magazine. She supports her brain-damaged daughter and an unemployed ex-husband who lives in the basement. She could solve all her problems by marrying Stephen, an older man and a powerful theatrical producer, but her old-fashioned morality gets in the way. And then, on Primrose Hill, along comes Jake, an uncomplicated and unemployed American would-be actor who’s 15 years younger.


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