Save the Jubilee Hall!

The battle to preserve the three-hundred-year-old tradition of street market trading in the Piazza of Covent Garden

Chuck Anderson with Ray Green. 208 pages. Hardback.

Save the Jubilee Hall! — Why were the citizens of Covent Garden barracking in the residential suburbs of North London?

— What did Lord Geoffrey Rippon think was almost the best thing he ever did?

— Why did Ken Livingstone pull the rug out from under his own GLC planning committee?

— Did Yehudi Menuhin and Daniel Barenboim know what was going on?

— Why was the Communist Party of Covent Garden against public housing?

— How could market traders who rarely owned their own homes come up with £3million?

These questions are part of the fascinating story of the determined struggle by ordinary Londoners to preserve the Jubilee Market Hall in Covent Garden's historic Piazza for community use.

This large hardback book contains historical background, maps and many photographs and illustrations. Published in 1992, it is now out of print, and not available online nor in a Kindle version. However, it may be ordered from (see ordering panel above). Used copies are available on Amazon.

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