Huzzah! Over the past year the game board wizards of the London Playtest group have kindly been testing the prototype of our new game ADMAN at their weekly meetings at the National Theatre. They have have come up with some exciting changes which have greatly increased the pace of the gameplay and raised it to a new level of fun and laughs.

Mission accomplished! We will launch the First Edition of ADMAN later this year at a retail price of £48 including VAT and packaging and posting within the UK. If you would like to reserve a copy, please use the form below.

If you have already bought the prototype of ADMAN we will be pleased to send you the new components without any charge. These are a new Rules Book, new Windfall, Pitfall and Strategy cards, and four new better-fitting stands for the latter. Just let us know on the form below.

Components of the ADMAN board game